Session Types & Retreats

Multi-day retreats

Let your process unfold over the course of several days for an incredible personal transformation. An Amanae intensive offers many deep sessions, meditation, group work, and delicious food.

"So many years of therapy, methods, "positive thinking" and the like, but this has brought me to a core that I didn't know I had (anymore). I felt myself again, my internal strength and happiness, I could say so much about it, but words can never describe the experience, it was just beautiful!"


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1:1 sessions

Very personal guidance tailored to your needs.

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130€ / session (1½ to 1¾ hour)

Sessions by appointment only.
Appointments cancelled 48h in advance will not be charged.

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What You Can Expect In A Group Session

Intensive bodywork

You'll take part in two 3 hour sessions a day. One session on the table being worked upon, and one session next to the table, being present for the other and yourself. Sometimes it is an even bigger experience to be next to the table rather than lying on it. These XL sessions allow you to get into every aspect that needs attention from different angles.

Note that only experienced practitioners will work on you, not other participants.

circle of chairs

Personalised within a small group

A very small group of 2 to maximum 6 people, which allows for a lot of personal coaching while you still benef from the group container. Your personal process will be deepened by the dynamics at your table, and the dynamics of the total group.

Minimal talking, maximal feeling

It is bodywork, not talking therapy. You will be focused on the breath and the sensations in the body. The story is secondary. Being 100% present with these sensations is very powerful and will bring you release, insight and opening.
Still, during the work, sometimes you will be asked some questions and receive coaching to get you even deeper into your transformational process.

Supportive groupwork

We start the day with some movement or a (body-oriented) meditation, so you can leave behind the hassle of everyday life. At the end the day we share from the heart our experiences , and round up any loose ends that you might still have, so you can go home peacefully.

And a great supportive atmosphere, including delicious soulfood

The surroundings matter. So we offer the perfect space for such intensive work, and during multi-day retreats, we foresee healthy soulfood to keep your body nourished.

New to bodywork in a group setting?

You will have work carried out on the physical body, with pressure and movements on the skin, in a small group of 2 to 6 people. Check how this feels with you, and if this truly bothers you, you might prefer private sessions for now.

You will be lying down on a massage table, covered by one or more blankets, only wearing your underpants and if needed a tank top. The points worked are spread over the body, but not touching sexual areas.