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General questions

There is no fixed amount of sessions. In rare occasions one session suffices, but mostly people come back for a series, with intervals between 2 weeks and 2 months. It's up to you to feel what you need. I recommend to start with intervals of around 3 weeks, as in general this gives you time to integrate the previous session, as well as keep your process flowing.

A lot of physical pain is the result from suppressed emotional pain (stress). And Amanae works on the latter, releasing tension from the body. It is regularly reported that the pain lessens and even dissappears.

Yes. Amanae can even have a catalyzing effect on your therapy.
People who feel they have reached a plateau in their regular therapy sessions have reported that a few Amanae sessions can create a breakthrough.

Yes. Amanae will work on the emotional layers that are often the cause of CFS and fybromyalgia. However, as with any therapy, this will take time and commitment, and a willingness to feel (read more on the Amanae page).

It is advisable
  • to drink a lot of water the next 24 hours, as a lot of toxins can be released with bodywork.
  • to foresee some off-time after a session.
  • to welcome any feelings that may arise the day(s) after, and breathe into them.
  • to take good care of yourself.

There is no specific aftercare program. What arises in Amanae sessions is typically only where you are ready for. Be aware that your process sometimes continues the days after a session. I advice to welcome any feelings, breathe into them. You can of course always phone or email me if the need arises, or book a private consult for aftercare.

When you're pregnant, we can work in a softer way. Certain areas will not be worked upon.

Usually, the work is done on the bare skin, but if that feels unconfortable, you may keep your clothes on (mind that not all points are accessible then). In that case it is best to avoid wearing jeans or a bra. In general though, it is preffered to only wear your underpants during a session. You get some private time to undress and to lie down under a sheet and blanket. During the session no private parts are uncovered.
There are a few points were it is needed to uncover and touch the breasts, these points are however rarely done, and you will always be asked if you are comfortable with it if the need would arise. That said, if you woud like to receive work on your breasts, because they hold a lot or you would like a better relationship to them, you may ask.

It is pronounced as uh-meh-nei.


There are about 200 points spread over the body. They can be seen as doorways to access hidden trauma in the body. They are unrelated to the meridians..

Amanae is a participatory process. You will be coached to breathe and to be present and aware in the body part that is being worked upon, which is sometimes felt as "hard work". Amanae is also trigger work, which means you are encouraged to express any discomfort, any sensation, any frustration so it can be further explored within your body. Amanae is not talk therapy.

Amanae uses the open-mouth breathing: both the inhalation and exhalation are done through the mouth as this helps to get your full awareness into the specific body-part we're working on. This type of breathing also brings more life into those regions. If (for whatever reason) you cannot breath like this, that's fine. This breathing technique is a powerful tool, but it is not indispensable.

Not really, though some regions tend to hold specific emotions and themes more often than other places. The Amanae theme days are based on this observation. Still, any region can pretty much hold anything depending on the person.

No. The full learning program is a 3-year education. During an intensive, you might learn how to touch the heart region, but learning the 5 heart points to be able to work on somebody is a 3-day course in itself.


Currently not. You can pay either in cash, by bank transfer, or by bank contact app on your phone.

If you are a student, or if you are having a financial difficult period, don't hesitate to contact me to work something out.