Shamanic breathing circle

The power of breathing
June 24 (2021)
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Breathing & Transformation

The breath is so undervalued. It is an anchor, a reliable, powerful and simple ally. Our breath is always present and yet it remains one of the greatest mysteries of life.

In a shamanic breathing circle we use that present breath to create space, and deeply dive within yourself. In a safe and supported environment you can discover what your body is holding.

It is an old technique that is used by the shamans, amongst others, to achieve a higher state of consciousness, and to facilitate healing and understanding of yourself.

In many ancient languages, including both Andes and Amazonian Quechua, Tibetan, Aramaic, Latin, Greek, Hawaiian and others, the word for "breath" is the same as the word used for life, mind, and soul.

What will we do?

We start with a brief introduction to the process.

Then we darken the room and lie down. We continue with an exercise of gentle breathing to help is into our body. Away from the head.

And then the music starts and it's time to start using the more intense technique of cicular breathing, under my guidance.

After a while the intensity of the music changes and I visit everyone individually to get you even deeper into your body, closer to yourself and your possible personal blockage.

The process unfolds, and when needed, I also use the bodywork Amanae to get you even deeper.

Then I gradually close the session so that you can integrate the process and have it work on another layer.


Maximum 9 persons (currently only 6). I deliberately keep the group small enough to guarantee a good support.

Next breathing circles: June 24, 2021 (19u00-21u30), 50€

In the beautiful venue de Verdieping,
Voordestraat 11, 9920 Lovendegem (Lievegem).

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Some Impressions


Experiencing a breathing circle is hard to describe, it's different every time, and especially very intense ...with after-effects. It is an intense connection with oneself, and letting the energy flow through body and mind.

Because of the small group it feels safe and secure, the music definitely adds an extra dimension. I love it, and it feels like growing.

Carole Hipken


My first experience was very intense in itself. Circular breathing was new to me and brought me to the core of my body. The second time I went even deeper and I felt the energy flow through my body. Blockages are released and Kim makes sure you feel safe all the time, and guides you on this very intensive journey to yourself.

Caroline Dewispelare